Machinery Movers Sydney


- Supertilt Tilt Tray Service can tilt up to 13.5 meters and 22ton.

- We can accommodate for 13 tonne excavators legally on our tilt trays

- We can move up to 42 tonne on our specialised quad axle float

- Quad axle float has rear steer axles and they are axle widening to give a more stable and smoother ride for the machines that we move

- Float has bi fold ramps and a low deck height for lower load angle and also fitted with hydraulic suspension to help.

- It has a 12.5m deck

- County runs available

- Competitive Prices

- Our tilt trays are used were tight access is a problem to relocate machines

- Oversize Moves

- Hourly Hire


The supplier of the largest rigid tilt tray trucks in NSW!

- Cover all aspects of your transport needs, including the largest rigid tilt trays up to 16t and 10m long.

- Low loaders up to 42t and 12.5m long

- Crane Trucks rigid and semi trailer

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